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At this page you can see videos I taped and edited myself!  Arn't I fabulous?   

P.S. That was a joke.

P.S.S. They really arn't that fabulous.

P.S.S.S Just watch them.

               Darth Kitty

It's a take off on Star Wars that I made with my cat, Crumpet.  That voice is Darth Kitty saying:  "feel the power of the dark side".  Actully it's me with a lower pitch effect.  Rating: G: nothing wrong with it. 2 stars ** I'm no going to give myself alot of credit, you probably thought it was stupid unless you absolutly love Star Wars or cats. 

            Spell Movie Trailer

This is the trailer for a film I am making.  I'm also into Harry Potter.  The relaease date is August 1.  For more information go to the Spell Movie Website. G: Good for all ages. 3 stars *** 

    Rogen the Popsicle Man

Absoluty Halarious.  Especially if you know Rogen.  It's only like 10 secounds long, watch it.  G: Don't worry, Rogen won't bite.  I'm not going to embarass Rogen with the rating...

Forrest the Popsicle Man

Same as the explanation for Rougen the Popsicle man, except subsitute the "Rogen"s with "forrest"s.

                The REAL Harry Potter

This is the spoof me and my friends did at the library on the last day of school.  PG: there might be a swear in there. 3 stars ***

                Lightsaber Fight

Me and my brother have a lightsaber fight with real lightsaber sound effects. You'll have to wait until the end to see who wins... PG: someone dies. 3 stars ***

       Lightsaber Fight 2

Me and my friend have a lightsaber fight with real lightsabers!!!  Who will win?  But this short but action filled sequal to the origanal lightsaber fight is only the beginning... PG: someone dies. 4 stars**** 

Lightsaber Fight 3

The third lightsaber fight.  This time I fight Forrest and Maria.  Who will win??? PG- someone brutally dies. 4 stars ****

 Lightsaber Fight 4

The fourth lightsaber fight.  This one continues in the library again with some more of my friends.   PG:  stabbing...  3 stars ***

Lightsaber Fight 5

The fifth lightsaber fight.  This is an epic duel between a sith and countless invisible jedi in my back yard again.  Let the battle begin...  PG: someone gets stabbed 3 stars ***

Lightsaber Fight 6

The sixth lightsaber fight.  In this battle, seven jedi from the library star in an epic duel between good and evil.  PG: people die 4 stars **** 

Lightsaber Fight 7

The seventh lightsaber fight.  This has the invisible people in it again, ony this time, it takes place in Florida!  PG: My arm gets chopped off, and there is some violence 3 stars ***

Lightsaber Fight 8

The eighth lightsaber fight is back at the library again with more kids from the library.  PG: stabbing 3 stars ***

Library Muffins

Just like the muffins on youtube.com, but in the library, and with a few interesting twists... PG: blood 3 stars ***

HARRY POTTER and the Curse of the Mad Librarian

A Harry Potter parady that takes place in the hogwarts library starring Harry Potter, Ron Weasly and Hermione Granger. Other characters include Cho Chang and Ginny Wealsy.

When the evil mad librarian scares Harry, Ron and Hermione they know she is up to no good. Meanwhile, Harry and Cho Chang are having difficulties with their realtionship. After many halarious escapades, and maybe a few "yo mamma" jokes, Harry and his friend realize one thing- the Hogwarts library is one heck of a place to be!

PG  4 stars ****

HARRY POTTER 2  Ron of the Dead

The sequal to Harry Potter and the Curse of the Mad Librarian starring Harry Potter, Hermione Granger, Ron Weasley, Cho Chang, Ginny Wealsey, Parvati Patil, Hannah Abbot, Draco Malfoy, and a return of the Mad Librarian!

The second movie starts while everything is normal in the hogwarts library(as normal as it gets with Ron around) until Voldemort returns and releases his revenge on the library. With more action, new characters, and many zombie attacks (you'll see!!) Harry, Ron and Hermione realize that even their friends can become enemies, and Ron- needs a brain...

PG  4 stars ****

HARRY POTTER 3  The Big Switcheroo

Harry Potter 3 The Big Switcheroo This is the third Harry Potter movie after the Curse of the Mad Librarian and RON OF THE DEAD. It stars Harry Potter, Hermione Granger, Ron Weasley, Angelina Johnson, Neville Longbottom, Hannah Abbot, Ginny Weasley, Cell Phone Girl and the Mad Librarian in a new adventure in the Hogwarts library.

This movie begins where the second movie left off; Ron is getting brain surgery when the whole library begins to shake. When Ron is found laying in the midst of an explosion a mispronounced spell causes Harry, Ron, and Hermione to change bodies. Now, Harry looks like Ron, Ron looks like Hermione, Hermione looks like Harry, and the rest of the people in the hogwarts library look confused!

Meanwhile, Angelina Johnson tries to keep her quidditch team intact, Neville is as clumsy as ever, the Mad Librarian continues prowling the library, and the Hogwarts playground is revealed to be an interesting place for hogwarts students. But will the Harry, Ron and Hermione be stuck in each others bodies forever? There just might be a way to escape...

PG  4 stars ****

Ryan Vs. Matt

Me and my brother have a fight. Guess who wins... PG some violence 3 stars ***

Ryan Vs. Matt 2

Me and my brother have another fight.  Guess who wins...  PG: some violence  3 stars ***

the chair

This is a weird video about me and a chair.  I know it sounds weird, you just have to watch it. G, it's harmless 3 stars ***

Star Wars Episode 1  1/2 A Deadly Interception Movie Trailer 

This is the preview for the new Star Wars movie that I am making. It is called Star Wars Episode 1  1/2 and takes place inbetween Star Wars Episode 1 and Episode 2. It will come out this summer at the earliest.


Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

SPP High School Musical Intern Skit


SPP Fight 1

SPP Fight 2

SPP Fight 3

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