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We all need humor now and then to make us laugh, and believe me, this page will.  Remember to read the description and rating under each video.

                           Funny Cats   

I love this one.  The cats are hilarious, the music is hilarious, and the laughing is hilarious.  This is a must-see for cat lovers and cat haters alike.  Rating: PG: If you are crazy about cats, and you can't stand to see a cat fall in water or a cat get really, really scared and jump about three feet in the air or a cat fall off a counter, this movie isn't for you.  If, you can stand it, there are some really cute things cat's do as well as stupid things.  4 stars ****

                        Singing Hippo


Watch this, you'll laugh.  It's about a hippo and a dog singing a song that you're sure to guess.  G: it's fine.  3 stars ***

                          Face Dancer


Oh my god!!! Weird and funny! Watch this! G 3 stars ***


What would like for breakfast Jonny? PG: blood... 3 stars ***

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