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On this page you can watch homemade videos that are based on movies.  Just click play on the videos below.

            Star Wars Videos                        

                        Ryan Vs. Dork Man


I know it gets kind of boring, but if you wait through it your in for a funny surprise at the end.  Rating:  PG:  some  violence, but not any more than you'd  see  in the real  star wars  movies.   4 stars  ****

                       Ryan Vs. Dorkman 2

The long-awaited sequel to Ryan Vs. Dorkman. I think it's better than the first. PG-!3- it's a little gory.. chopped of limbs, stabbing, ect. 5 stars*****

                       The REAL Episode I

What really happened in episode 1...  really funny, a must see. PG 4 stars ****

What really happened in episode 3.... as good as the first.  4 stars ****

                             Lightsaber Fight

Don't worry, this one is alot shorter.  It has another surprise at the end.  I have no idea how they do it.  Pretty cool, you have to see this.  Rating: PG: Kind of violent... If you really want to know, a guy gets chopped in half.  It really isn't that bad, trust me. 3 stars ***

                Fat Guys with Lightsabers

These guys are pretty funny.  Just ignore the words in the beginning and in end and enjoy the middle.  Rating: PG: This could be a "G" but just in case someone thinks it's violent... 2 stars **

                         Jedi VS. Sith
Awesome effects, very cool. Rating: PG: One shot is a little gross.  4 stars ****

Battle for Toast

Very Funny, one of my favorites.  It does get a little boring in the middle, but the end is halarious. Rating: PG: It's just the way he kills the guy that's a little disturbing... 4 stars ****

                          Double VS. Single

A cool video. I like how the winner wins, it's a clever trick.  Rating: PG: Just because the lightsaber looks like it goes through- just watch it, it's fine.  3 stars ***

                        Palyer VS. Player

Very entertaining, never boring.  I enjoyed every moment of it.  I love it when he jumps on top of the lightsaber.  Rating: PG: Very subtle violence. 4 stars ****

                              Pink Five

To watch Pink Five, click here

To watch Pink Five Strikes Back, click here

To watch Return of Pink Five Volume One, click here

Return of Pink Five Volume Two, click here

Sorry, you can't watch it here, but these are my favorites on the sites!  If youv'e seen the star wars 4, 5, and 6, these are the greatest and funniest fan films ever.  PG 5 stars *****

Also Visit pinkfive.com

                    Jedi VS. Sith Pumpkin

Ha, ha... The pupkin is funny.  Very exciting and climatic.  I like this one.  Rating: PG: some violence. 3 stars ***

                          Lightsaber Battle

Ha, ha, ha... I like in the beginning when one guy is taunting the other guy.  Rating: PG: some violence  4 stars **** 

                   Chinese with Lightsabers


This one is funny at the end.  Notice the superman T-shirt.  PG:This could be a little disturbing to you. 4 stars ****

                            Lightsaber War

This the only video here with more than two people fighting.  Imagine how long it must of took to add in all those lightsaber effects.  This one is really cool.  4 stars ****

                           Star Wars Betrayal

This one has a sad ending.  It follows the path of a jedi master turning to the dark side.  As he encounters different people skilled with the lightsaber, he relizes turning to the dark side was the worst choice he could of made.  This one makes you think, I like it. PG: Pretty violent, kinda gross.  4 stars **** 

           Lightsaber Battle

This is my favorite video on this page, maybe on the site.  It's exciting, and it has cool effects.  I also like the ending.  PG: someone loses their head. 5 stars *****  

         George Lucas in Love

My second favorite. Very funny if you've seen Star Wars.  It shows how George Lucas got the inspiration for the characters in his movie. G: it's fine. 5 stars *****

  Darth Vader Spills Some Secrets

Short, but very funny.  I like Luke's reactions. PG: cigarette. 3 stars ***

             The Real Anakin?

If youv'e ever seen this seen this scene in star wars 3, you'll really like this.  Really funny.  PG: language (two swears) 4 stars ****

 Brilliantly funny.  A great Star Wars parady.  PG: it's fine. 4 stars **** Submitted by my firend Grace. A must see!

 Harry Potter Videos

    Harry Potter Lego Comedy

Briliantly amusing,  I love it, great comedy!  PG: breif language (one swear) 4 stars **** 

         Harry Potter Banaphone

ring ring ring ring ring ring ring... funny. G 2 stars **

Harry Potter and the Dark Lord Waldemart


Bothering Snape

This is really funny, but there all really funny really, if you like or have seen or read Harry Potter.  These are the best Harry Potter fan films ever! PG: naked dimbledore puppet, its not bad, just watch it.  3 stars***

Trouble at Hogwarts

This is funny too, in my opinion it might be a little better than the first.  Just watch it.  PG: same as the first PPP video.  3 stars****

Potions Class

This is the first of the non-animated ones, but it's just as halarious.  Must-see for any Harry Potter fan.  PG: its fine 3 stars***

Wizard Angst

This is really amusing too. Make sure you listen for the last line the end, lol. PG-13 kind of. I can't really decide. For a PPP video it has a lot of bleeped out swears.  But it's not really bad... 3 stars***

The Yule Ball

This one is really funny, but it's also very long.  It's the only live one here.  Sorry about the loud screaming.  Potter Puppet Pals are very popular... It aslo has quite a few songs. PG: its fine 3 stars*** 

The Mysterious Ticking Noise

Halarious.  This might be my favorite one... maybe not. It's funny though.  PG: it's fine 3 stars***

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